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You deserve the best possible long-term result with your root canal treatment!  The professional staff at Winick Endodontics is committed to providing you with the best endodontic treatment available anywhere. Our state-of-the art facility and patient centered approach put us in the top tier of endodontic practices nationwide.  We pride ourselves on our ability diagnose, inform and treat patients. We  follow "best practices" and lead the way in the use of treatment advances.  The bottom line is that that we are here to help people, whatever it takes, and that makes all of us feel good about what we do!

Dr. Winick is a current  member of the AAE, ADA, ODA and is on the board of the Stark County Dental Society.  He is also on the Annual Session Committee for the The Ohio Dental Association, on staff at Mercy Medical Center as a clinical instructor and mentor for the Dental Residency program,  participates in the Bethlehem Project to help provide care for the underserved in Stark County and  a member of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.   He is a native of Canton and is active in his church, various study groups and continuing education programs as well as several local organizations.   He loves spending time with his family, skiing, cooking, reading, listening to music and riding his motorcycle.

Dr. Winick is skilled in the use of leading edge technology to assure optimal care and comfort.


Surgical Microscope: The use of a surgical microscope has reshaped the practice of endodontics.  The surgical operating microscope offers increased magnification and illumination for all procedures.  This is particularly beneficial in the treatment of "difficult" teeth, root canal retreatment, trauma  and  surgical cases.   It is all about patient comfort, improved outcomes,  and saving teeth.

Totally Digital Office:  Being digital and at ease with the technology is just another part of going the extra mile to put patients  first.  With enhanced diagnosis, streamlined treatment  and efficient collaboration with area professionals, we strive to maintain continuity of care with your general dentist. 

Digital Radiography: We were one of the first dental offices in this area to use this advanced technology for root canal treatment. It emits less radiation than conventional X- rays and lets patients view their teeth as we discuss the results and provide treatment options.  The possibilities for better diagnosis and enhanced communication are obvious!

Advanced Materials and Anesthetic Techniques:  We have made patient care and comfort a top priority.  This means we often use the newest, evidence supported techniques and materials.   We want you to be as relaxed and pain free as possible during your root canal procedure!  

 Ultrasonic and Rotary Instrumentation:   Provides quicker and more thorough cleaning and shaping of canal spaces.  These techniques may  help save teeth with difficult treatment scenarios, such as calcified or malformed canals.





Welcome Dr. Maria Ciasca

 Dr. Ciasca is a respected endodontic specialist who is very knowledgeable in all aspects of endodontic care. Dr. Ciasca has joined the practice as my associate and will work side by side with me in providing the same high standard of care that you have come to expect from my office.

Dr. Ciasca is a recent graduate of the Case Western Reserve University endodontic program. She was awarded the American Association of Endodontics/Dentsply Award for the "Best Resident Research" in 2011. Her thesis was recently published in the Journal of Endodontics.

Patient Testimonials

Root Canal by Dr Mike Winick today. He is highly knowledgeable, deeply concerned, gentile, gifted and skilled. He is a great endodontist. Thanks for squeezing me in your tight schedule today.

June 10th

Dr. Winick and his office staff were very courteous and caring in the care of my father. When I called to make an appointment for him, I was treated with kindness, patience and understanding. Dr. Winick is very thorough and professional in performing root canal treatment. Furthermore, he made my father comfortable and relaxed which, by the way, is hard to do. Thank you!

M. S.