Now that your Root Canal is Finished


Your root canal is now complete. It is our sincere hope that you had a pleasurable experience.

  • The canal or canals have been sealed and nature must now have time to repair the damage that the original irritant produced. Please be patient with your tooth. Do not chew on the tooth until all the tenderness has gone.      
  • Your tooth is fragile now, and a fracture at this point could result in the tooth being extracted.  Do not bite or chew anything hard until you have seen your general dentist and have had a crown or other permanent restoration placed to seal and strengthen the tooth. Hard foods include (but are not limited to) things like ice, nuts, raw vegetables, pretzels, croutons, some cereals, granola, etc. You should also try to avoid grinding or clenching your teeth.
  • If the tooth already has a permanent crown, you can begin chewing normally once the numbness wears off and the tooth is “comfortable”.
  • Although the roots are permanently sealed, the outer surface of the tooth has a temporary filling. This filling is hard and may last for many weeks, but it is not intended to last indefinitely.   You need to see your general dentist as soon as possible (preferably within one month) to restore the tooth permanently.
  • Current research has shown that even newly sealed roots canals may be totally contaminated with bacteria if the temporary filling is missing or grossly impaired. At that point a new root canal (with new charges) would have to be considered. We urge you to see your general dentist for the final restoration process as soon as possible.
  • A final restoration (crown, filling, etc.) should give your tooth the necessary protection. A letter and copy of your final x-ray will be sent to your general dentist. Please contact that office to schedule your permanent restoration.

It has been our pleasure caring for you. We are concerned about your welfare and continue to have an interest in your ongoing dental health!   Please contact our office at 330-493-3636 if you have any questions.   Thank you!

Your Endo Care Team At Winick Endodontics – 330-493-3636