Before Surgery

If you have scheduled an Apical Surgery, our team will have already gone over these instructions with you.  We are providing this copy for your convenience, but please call us if you have any additional questions!   Thank you!  

Winick Endodontics  Microscopic Apical Surgery Pre-Surgery Information

You have just had a consultation for endodontic surgery. Upon discussion of risks and alternatives, you elected to have an endodontic surgical procedure. If you have any questions between now and the treatment date, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. Please read the following information and instructions before your appointment.

Important: Do not take any blood thinners or aspirin, Advil, Motrin, or Aleve products for at least ten days prior to surgery. These products may thin your blood and interfere with the surgical treatment. Tylenol is an acceptable alternative if pain medication is necessary.   We strongly advise NOT SMOKING after surgery. Smoking delays the healing, increases discomfort, and may encourage bleeding and infection in the surgical site.

Plan to take the rest of the day of surgery off. You will need to avoid any heavy lifting, exercise, or excessive talking following surgery. Plan on using an ice pack on and off for six hours after leaving the office. Thorough post-treatment instructions will be given orally and in writing after your procedure.  You will have access to Dr. Winick’s cell phone should you need him for anything unexpected or of an emergency in nature.

Eat a healthy meal prior to the surgery. You will not be eating anything solid for several hours after your surgery because you will be numb.  Once the numbness wears off you should eat soft foods for the rest of the day. Avoid using a straw or smoking. The suction created could loosen a suture and stimulate bleeding. Tobacco products in general are not conducive to good oral health.

In preparation for the surgery, women should remove makeup from the face and lips to avoid contamination of the surgical site. Men should trim mustaches to the lip.

Two to three days after the surgery, you will need to return to the office for removal of sutures and evaluation of healing. Periodic checkups will follow as directed by the doctor.

When possible, a sample of the irritated tissue surrounding the root is sent for examination. The laboratory will bill separately for this procedure. If you have a specific lab you want us to use you must bring a completed claim for, otherwise we will use the University of Virginia. Costs vary for this procedure, but the average is $195. The results will be sent to this office and your general dentist. We will inform you of the results of the examination upon receipt from the laboratory. If you need us to use a different lab, it is your responsibility to notify us and provide the required forms.

Please understand and accept that you are responsible for any aditional and associated laboratory / biopsy fees.